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Agile and international


Bart Leenders

Renewer: Bart Leenders
At Neste: 8 years
Current title: Vice President 
Location: Rotterdam

"My way of working is very agile. It’s just me, my laptop, my iPhone, and my backpack travelling all over the world. I love that my work is so international. I feel home wherever I am. 

It’s great to be able to work with many types of people with different roles, titles and backgrounds. Thanks to the technical innovations, everyone is easy to reach, no matter where they are. With modern tools we can create a global team in minutes. 

My passion is to connect people and stimulate them to be productive. I encourage to take initiative and ask questions. I strongly believe that working alone is not good for you or the company. Together we can accomplish big things."

Bart Leenders
“Renewing is in the core of our working culture.”
Bart Leenders, Vice President, Rotterdam