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Mission for growth


Anna Borovikova

Renewer: Anna Borovikova
At Neste: 3 years
Current title: Executive assistant
Location: Espoo

"As an executive assistant, my work includes administrative and supportive tasks related to the daily work of executives and board members. The work requires flexibility and handling pressure but I love to challenge myself. Together with our amazing team we can turn even the difficult situations into victory. 
Self-development and curiosity towards the world are important to me. I try to observe, listen and learn from the others as much as possible. I ask myself every day how I can be a better person for myself, for colleagues and friends. Even in times of adversity we should always focus on what can we learn and how can we grow.
In our company we have a slogan “almost caring is not caring”, and I couldn’t agree more. Caring about others in the work field and in personal life is something that I won’t sacrifice for any reason. In a humane work environment there is a tremendous potential to reach amazing results and that should never be underestimated."

Anna Borovikova
“It’s great to be a part of a story that creates a better future.”
Anna Borovikova, Executive assistant, Espoo