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Passionate about collaboration


Jessica Masters

Renewer: Jessica Masters
At Neste: 2 years
Current title: Commercial Program Manager, Aviation Solutions
Location: Houston

"Our Aviation Solutions team is focused on commercializing renewable jet fuel, along with complementary products and services. We aim to create and deploy aviation offerings that decarbonize air travel. It is both motivating and rewarding that we all have a genuine believe and enthusiasm to make the world cleaner and safer. It’s not just PR talk. 

Our emerging business is an example of Neste’s forward thinking approach and it is a timely entrance into this space as a leader in sustainability. This is the best time to be involved in sustainability. We can actually have an impact on the market, as there are so many fascinating things going on right now. It has truly been a labour of love to build a team of intelligent people that share excellent work ethics. As we continue to build a labour of love, I’m so proud of our US team – of what we have accomplished thus far and the possibilities we will further create.

Neste takes good care of its people. The work culture is very open and supportive. The company values are visible every day with how people respect and interact with each other. This healthy well-being in the workplace allows us to continue to renew ourselves through collaboration."

Jessica Masters
“There’s always time for laughter.”
Jessica Masters, Commercial Program Manager, Aviation Solutions, Houston