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Polina Tkatsuk

Renewer: Polina Tkatsuk
At Neste: 10 years
Current title: Customer Service Manager
Location: Estonia

"My time at Neste has been a true journey. Ten years ago I started as a bookkeeper's helper and ever since I’ve worked with various projects and colleagues in Baltic countries, Russia and Finland. I’ve worked in finance, customer service, direct sales and project development team. Nowadays I’m a Customer Service Manager in Estonia. 

Neste has given me great opportunities for self-development. I’ve been part of extremely big projects and in tough situations many times but I’ve learned and improved myself a lot. I’m so grateful that I’ve had the opportunity to challenge myself as a leader and to bring significant value to Neste.

I love the people I work with. I think that the team spirit is essential in any case. I’ve always liked the fact that our employees are very loyal to Neste. Average work experience here is 15 years. I think that Neste has a very strong organizational culture and I am proud of company's long history."

Polina Tkatsuk
“I‘m crazy about learning new things.”
Polina Tkatsuk, Customer Service Manager, Estonia