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Working for a trailblazer


Petra Gerritsma

Renewer: Petra Gerritsma
At Neste: 8 years
Current title: Environmental Engineer & Sustainability
Location: Rotterdam

"I have a great drive for continuous renewal. Whether it is through CO2 reductions, recycling waste or optimising energy, I’m always looking for opportunities to increase sustainability. Driving the company forward is my passion. 

As an environmental engineer I consult, build and implement sustainable solutions. My ambition is to improve the way we monitor our long-term environmental impact. It helps us to set targets for the production and to achieve the best results for our effort.

The best part of my job is to see that we can really have value and make an impact. It makes the work worthwhile. I get to work in a pioneering company where I can combine the strategic and the day to day operations to help clients to be more proactive in the environmental side of things. There’s never a dull moment."

Petra Gerritsma
“Drive for continuous renewal is crucial.”
Petra Gerritsma, Environmental Engineer & Sustainability, Rotterdam