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Removing invasive plants at Buffalo Bayou Park

Neste Houston team:

“We volunteered at Buffalo Bayou Park in Houston by removing invasive plants and clearing weeds in a section of the park. Efforts such as these by volunteers serve to improve the green space and promote a healthier environment. 

The bayous of Houston provide not only ribbons of green and recreational opportunities but also provide the natural protection from flooding that this city needs so we were happy to do our part to preserve even a fraction of these beautiful natural resources. 

The work was quite challenging and involved the use of machetes and swing blades. We wore gloves and maintained appropriate distance from each other for safety. We were all exhausted after our shift but everyone worked so hard in an effort to accomplish as much as possible in our allotted time. Several employees commented that it was nice to have a different kind of work day and I think we all enjoyed being together to help beautify our city in our own way.”

Neste Houston team ready for volunteer work.

Neste Houston team volunteered at Buffalo Bayou Park in Houston.