Mailing address

Neste Eesti AS
Sõpruse pst 155
EE-13417 Tallinn


Tel.  +372 628 5500


Fax +372 628 5507

Direct and retail sales

Neste Eesti AS is engaged in direct sales of petroleum products, as well as retail sales via its Neste service station network. Thanks to the company's own oil terminal in Muuga harbour, the quality of petroleum products can be guaranteed to conform with both the internal quality requirements of Neste and the quality requirements of car manufacturers. Futura 95 gasoline is currently being imported into Estonia from the Porvoo refinery.

Neste was the first western oil company to start operations in the Estonian market in 1990. The company was also the initiator of automated stations in the Baltic area. In the Baltic countries, Neste currently only has automated stations (Neste A24/D), which are open 24h/day.