Renewable transportation digitalization
"Customer and user centric design is the cornerstone of our digital service development. New digital tools are fundamentally improving and challenging the ways we communicate, collaborate and operate with customers and partners".
Carl Nyberg, Executive Vice President, Renewables Platform, Neste
Digital Customer Journey
What does digitalization enable?


Optimized customer experience and customer acquisition with Neste digitalization

Optimized customer experience and customer acquisition by improved customer satisfaction and sales throughout customer lifecycle. 

 Data driven organization and decision making with Neste digitalization

Data driven organization and decision making for faster reporting, optimized resourcing and processes. 

Optimized customer experience and customer acquisition with Neste digitalization

Anticipated customer and market changes for better targeted and on-point customer solutions and actions. 

 Improved global collaboration with Neste digitalization

Improved global collaboration with value-producing workflows between marketing, pricing, sales, services, customers and partners for optimized operations. 

 New services enabled by Neste digitalization

New services by expansion of value adding services and development of new service businesses.


Neste mobile apps enables modern payment options and new services

Case example: Mobile payments with Neste mobile apps

Neste has offered mobile payment options at Neste service stations since 2016. A growing number of customers are paying for refueling or car wash with the Neste Mobile app. Payment can be done conveniently inside the car while making service station visits faster.

Neste Oma Service for quick orders, payment management and reporting.

Case example: Quick digital channel for fuel, lubricant, chemical and gas orders

Neste retail digital services are operated under the same roof on Neste Oma Service. The service enables easy ordering, managing different payment methods and creating reports. A majority of retail orders are made through this digital service channel. We aim to provide the best customer experience by constantly developing services based on customer feedback and data.

Easy Deli first automized RFID based self-service store concept in Europe

Case example: Purchasing without the need to scan products

Neste opened its first automated self-service Easy Deli stores. The stores utilize RFID technology (Radio-frequency identification) for the first time in Europe. It enables checking and payment of all products at once, without scanning product codes separately. The stores are located in Tuusula and Punavuori, in Finland. Easy Deli concept answers consumers’ rapidly changing purchasing behaviour by offering smooth and fast purchase experiences. Further information available here.