Production digitalization at Neste
What does digitalization enable?


 Optimized end-to-end supply chains

Optimized end-to-end supply chains by developing automation, harmonizing production, maintaining operations and using assets. 

 Transparency and improved predictability  with digitalization

Transparency and improved predictability in production work and maintenance systems, for improved prioritization, safety and energy efficiency. 

 A longer-term and future-oriented overview to production with digitalization

A longer-term and future-oriented overview to production with smarter future investments and work management based on data.

Carbon efficient refining supported by digitalization

Improved carbon efficient refining by reducing carbon emissions intelligently.

Production steering by data

Case example: Production steering by data

We have developed dashboards for our operators and managers for using production data.

Dashboards enable them:
1. to see how we are performing against the production and productivity targets
2. to make decisions to improve performance based on the data.

Digitalization enables carbon free and energy efficient production

Case example: Smart use of digitalization to enable sustainable production

We proceed towards energy efficient and carbon neutral production with new dashboards and intelligent systems supporting energy efficiency and reducing emissions as well as utilizing the full potential of the feedstock.

Smart use of digitalization in learning

Case example: Getting ahead in learning with new improved methods

We will make good use of new digital tools to improve learning, planning and training to increase our operational safety and share situational awareness with internal stakeholders and partners.