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Management graduate Helene Goury

"At Neste, we are all leaders.”

“In my job at Neste, I am developing and delivering new services and value propositions in renewable aviation: from concept to finished product. In addition to the creation of services that are aligned with the company’s strategy and roadmap, our team provides sales support, sales with documentation among other things. Also, we work in close collaboration with our legal, finance, compliance, sustainability and IT teams. My job is based in Hoofddorp, where our commercial office is located. Hoofddorp is close to both Schiphol Airport and Amsterdam.

Helene Goury | Neste

I got into contact with renewable aviation early on in my career. After my studies in France and after a couple of internships in different parts of the world, I helped launch the world’s first sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) program for the airfreight industry. During this period, I also finished my thesis on sustainable solutions to decarbonize the aviation sector. Then, in June 2021, I was really thrilled to be joining Neste.

Neste’s future is so promising, with its continuous investment in renewables and circular products. Neste connects committed people towards the same purpose: creating a healthier planet for our children. It is such an inspiring story. The production of renewable diesel started in 2007 already. Since then, the company has transformed into the world’s leading producer of renewable diesel and sustainable aviation fuel, as well as renewable feedstock solutions for various polymers and chemicals industry uses.

Not only the company's renewable goals are important to me. What is also very important is how Neste goes about achieving these goals. At Neste, we are all given a chance to make an impact and to suggest changes. We drive transformation together. On a personal level, Neste helps its employees to develop their skills. At Neste, we are all leaders. From the early stage of my recruiting process, I also noticed the deep respect and growth opportunities that Neste gives to its employees in all offices across the globe.

For all these reasons, I strongly believe that Neste is a unique employer. The company empowers and cares for its employees and demonstrates an ambitious purpose by creating a more sustainable tomorrow. Neste creates a great workplace with flexibility, cross-cultural teams, and a positive mindset from both colleagues and leadership teams. 

The most important word when it comes to my everyday life at Neste is safety. Safety is at the core of this company. It is deeply embedded in everything we do. Also, the number of skills and expertise within the company is impressive. I highly appreciate the knowledge-sharing mindset that surrounds us at work.”

Helene Goury | Neste