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Sluiskil and Neste Demeter B.V.

Neste Sluiskil

Neste’s Sluiskil plant, located in the Netherlands, is used for the storage and pre-treatment of renewable raw materials for the company's renewable diesel refineries. Sluiskil plant enables to expand the raw material base further.

Sluiskil is an important asset in the development and capability to process different types of feedstocks. With its specific pre-treatment technology, Sluiskil continuously contributes to Neste's growth through widening our feedstock base, among others.

Neste Demeter B.V.

Neste owns 51% of the shares of Neste Demeter B.V., a trader of animal fats and proteins. Neste Demeter B.V. located in the Netherlands, delivers raw materials to Neste’s renewable product refineries.

Neste’s strategy is to build a global waste and residue raw material platform to secure raw material availability and competitiveness and Neste Demeter B.V. has an important role in that.