14 September 2012

Being Neste Oil’s ‘Summer President’ gave Mikko Laine a new perspective on the industry

Being Neste Oil’s ‘Summer President’ gave Mikko Laine a new perspective on the industry

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A good team spirit and enthusiastic people

“I learnt a lot over the summer,” says Mikko. “It proved a very memorable time, and I had the chance to visit the hold of an oil tanker, for example, take part in evaluating the oil leak that took place in Kajaani together with the Neste Executive Board (NEB), and visit the new NExBTL refinery in Rotterdam. But the best thing was how the summer really opened my eyes about Neste Oil and the industry. Although my job was to brainstorm ways of developing Neste Oil for the future, I think I ended up learning a lot more as part of the process than the company.”

Mikko was particularly impressed by the great team spirit he encountered.“Everyone, whether or not they are working in the same department, talks about this and that over lunch, and everybody says hi to everybody else in the corridor as well.” In addition to this positive team spirit, Mikko says he was also impressed by people’s enthusiasm. There is a definite ‘can do’ spirit alongside a more traditional focus on overall efficiency. “The people at Neste Oil really seem enthusiastic about their work and like to talk about it too.”He describes many of those he met as being almost passionate about what they do.

Things never stand still, nor should they

One of the responsibilities of being Summer President involved formulating ideas for how Neste Oil’s operations could be developed in the future. This was without doubt the hardest part of the job, according to Mikko.

“Many of the company’s ongoing projects moved forward during the time I was there. The Value Creation programs aimed at implementing Neste Oil’s strategy, in particular, will make a lot of progress. A few of the ideas that I came up with had already been included in them and are due to be implemented as part of various projects.

Mikko still has one very important message that he would like to pass on, though.

“The people at Neste Oil should be prouder of the work that the company is doing. There’s a lot of great stuff being done, and Neste Oil would really benefit from more people outside the company knowing about it.”

A busy fall ahead

September will see Mikko back at Aalto University’s Otaniemi campus, and he is looking forward to telling his fellow students about his experience at Neste Oil.

“For students in my field, the chance to work at Neste Oil over the summer was a great way to get a handle on the industry. And although my job as Summer President is over now, I’m keen to learn more about what the industry and the field generally have to offer. You never know where I could end up!”

During the summer our Summer President visited for example Neste Oil's own
Fire Department at the Naantali refinery.

Mikko visiting Neste Oil's refinery in Rotterdam in August.