17 October 2019

Neste and Chevron: building an even brighter future for our base oils customers

Written by Kari Kulmala
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Neste was the first Group III base oil producer in Europe. Today, we are proud of our strong legacy, reaching back to the late 1990s. But as time passes and new challenges arise, we continually respond to the need to adapt to changes in the business environment.

This can be expressed by a few important facts on how we approach business. We have always been strictly focused on the top quality of our products and providing cost-performance optimized solutions for our customers. But we have also maintained a strong market presence and the capacity to satisfy demand for our products. 

Our ambition is to continue investing in meeting our customers needs through global availability and the quality of our products. In this blog, I will shed some light on how we achieve this.

Securing availability by NEXBASE US expansion

Until recently, our premium-quality base oils have been exclusively produced at our facilities in Finland and Bahrain. Production capacity was steadily increasing to meet global demand and guarantee constant delivery to our customers. But now we’re taking another big step. We have entered a production and supply agreement with Chevron Products Company and our partner has already started producing Neste NEXBASE™ in the US.

The new site’s scalable production capacity further strengthens the supply security of our base oils. Partnering with a technological leader also ensures that all of our high-quality performance requirements and production specifications are met. 

Accordingly, regardless of repercussions in the volatile oil market, caused by unexpected developments, we are continuously well prepared to satisfy customer needs globally. With three production plants now running concurrently in different parts of the world, we have the required flexibility for continuous base oil production.

Validation from an industry leader

A solution we have developed together with one of our partners not only meets the latest, strict fuel economy requirements (highlighting our commitment to sustainability), but also offers the highest performance levels. This is why a major global truck manufacturer selected our solution for all of its first fills. 

This is the result of our ambition - we want to continuously deliver products of outstanding quality and satisfy our customer’s needs. With our enhanced production capacity and winning solutions, we are more than ready to do this. 

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Kari Kulmala - Technical Product Manager
Kari Kulmala
Technical Product Manager, Base Oils