7 December 2018

Be a climate hero

What does the world need to do to really tackle climate change? According to a Special Report published by scientists at the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) in the beginning of October, fossil fuel use must be cut in half in less than 15 years and annual global emissions must hit net zero in 30 years.

The climate challenge is indeed staggering. And so are its consequences on the polar and coastal regions, ecosystems and biodiversity —both now and in the future. The solutions outlined by the IPCC require a quick, strong and above all united response at a time when countries do not necessarily see eye to eye on climate issues. Right now, every fraction of a degree of warming counts. 

The outlook surrounding this challenge, however, should be one of hope, not fear. After all, when passion and optimism are turned into action, the results can be considerable. At Neste, for example, we are truly committed to continuing our transformation that has already affected what we buy, how we operate, how we use natural resources and what our business focuses on.

Last year, our customers were able to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by a total of 8.3 million tons. The prevented emissions are equivalent to the annual emissions of 3 million passenger cars, which is more than the number of vehicles in the cities of Berlin and Rome combined. Our customers, by using our low-emission alternatives instead of higher-emission fossil products, are the real climate heroes here.

At present, the climate benefits that our renewable fuels offer annually are nearly three times greater than the emissions from Neste’s refineries and logistics combined. While our role in reducing transportation-related climate emissions is already significant on a global scale, we aim even higher. There’s still more to do.

In line with our vision, we will continue working to increase our positive climate impact in the years to come as we introduce more bio-based and recycled feeds into Neste’s own production processes and products. Our target is to help prevent 9 million tons of GHG emissions in 2022. This year we hope to make a New Year's resolution to aim for an even more ambitious target in the upcoming years.  

Combating climate change is our business. We can create a safer and more resilient future and leave a healthier planet for our children when we work together to readdress how we produce and consume energy, food and water, and how we safeguard the world’s oceans and forests.

The world’s leading scientists provided us a target to reduce climate change. We must bravely embrace it and continue developing new solutions for reaching it together. Think about your own contribution–what part could you play in bringing about a climate-friendlier way of living and doing business? Whatever you decide to do, it may not necessarily be easy. But remember: the change will ultimately be worth it.

Peter Vanacker
Peter Vanacker
President and CEO, Neste