3 December 2018

Neste and Lauri Markkanen dare to take a stand – and cause a stir

Lauri Markkanen #Dontchoke

Neste and Lauri Markkanen last week announced their joint #DontChoke campaign, in which Markkanen talks about the actions he takes in his own life to help curb climate change and challenges basketball fans to make their own climate promises.

Many people have found the campaign inspiring, and we have received very positive feedback about our cooperation. It has also generated a lot of discussion in everyday life and on social media.

Some wondered why Markkanen was selected as the star of the campaign. Others ask how a company that still manufactures products from fossil fuels can stand behind a campaign like this.

We at Neste are pleased that the society we operate in is so well informed and open to discussion. This also applies to the criticism we face, which we listen to with particular care and interest.

We understand that no one can change the world in one go, but even a single promise that is kept can make a positive difference to climate change. The same is true for companies.

Lauri Markkanen talks about climate change and makes changes in his own life to contribute to the efforts. At the same time, he is a role model for many, encouraging people to think about their daily choices. That is exactly why he is the figurehead of the campaign.

Neste is also going through momentous changes as a company. Our growth rests on renewable products. These products account for more than 50 percent of our result, and make it possible to bring about a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions of more than eight million tonnes a year.

We invest more than EUR 40 million a year in research and development into new raw materials and technologies. Our company is committed to constantly searching for new ways to replace oil and other fossil-based materials in fuel production. For example, we are currently investigating how waste plastic could be used as a raw material for fuel production.

Although some of Neste’s production continues to be fossil fuel-based, we are continuing to move in the right direction, towards lower-emission operations. The #DontChoke campaign is part of this transformation that we remain dedicated to.

We want to encourage others, both companies and individuals, to begin the journey toward change for the good of the planet’s climate.

Sirpa Tuomi
Sirpa Tuomi
Marketing Director