28 June 2019

Now is the perfect time to reflect on our values

Written by Peter Vanacker
Published in under People

Our people

We are at the startline of a faster and bolder growth journey. Opening new markets and creating new business models around renewable and circular solutions will transform us as a company even further.

This summer, before going on a well-deserved break, we have decided to open discussion for our company values. Our current values are responsibility, innovation, excellence and cooperation. As such, they have brought us here, and served us well on the way. 

Why values are important? Because they are the essence of our identity – how Neste behaves. But when companies change, their values should follow suit. Now that we are growing fast and becoming a truly global company, it is the perfect time to reflect on our values: what do they mean to us and have their meaning changed over the years? Or has the world around us changed so much that we need to adjust our thinking?

Above all, we want to make sure that the company values are recognized by our people and aligned with how they see our culture. I believe that this is crucial for any company, but especially for a growing company. It is about finding what motivates us, what we believe in, what our targets are and how we see our own ability to succeed. Our values are the basis for our Neste culture which is also visible for anyone who meets us and does cooperation with us. 

This is why every Neste employee has the opportunity to weigh in on our values. We want everyone to have a say. Because at the end, it is the people that make a company and live out its values every day. Let’s revise our values and company culture together.
I wish all our employees, stakeholders and customers a very relaxing summer!

Peter Vanacker
Peter Vanacker
President and CEO, Neste