18 March 2019

Better and more sustainable together

Written by Gloria Diana Glang
Published in under Renewable solutions


The world is facing significant challenges as we seek to achieve the sustainability targets set by governments, countries and companies. For us at Clariant, sustainability has become an integral part of our business model and this extends to all our business activities.

By teaming up with Neste, Clariant can offer sustainable polyolefin solutions. Neste’s renewable hydrocarbons are used as drop-in replacements for fossil-based raw materials to produce ethylene and propylene for hot-melt adhesives, plastics and coatings applications.

Clariant is a global leader in specialty chemicals with a strong heritage dating back to the 1850s. Since our foundation, we have gained considerable industry knowledge and experience. From our base in Muttenz, near Basel, Switzerland, we utilize that expertise to develop offerings that address future challenges, technology opportunities, and customer demands.

We are active in four key business areas: Care Chemicals, Catalysis, Natural Resources, as well as Plastics & Coatings. As such, our customer base is broad - from the oil business to the automotive and cosmetics industries.

As a reliable partner to these customers, we aim to create sustainable value for them and contribute positively to sustainable development globally. Clariant’s Licocene performance polymers and waxes, for example, are already highly valued by the adhesives, plastics, and coatings industry for their ability to offer superior sustainability and performance in use.

But we do not want to stop there. We want to replace fossil raw materials with renewables in as many of our products as possible – that’s how we found Neste.

We are already actively working with brand owners to switch towards renewable materials, as opposed to continuing to produce conventional solutions where new product releases simply had to conform to three words: better, faster, cheaper. Now the factor greener is must for every innovation: Whenever we launch a product today, we should ask ourselves how it could be more sustainable, better for the climate and the environment. That is how we can really differentiate ourselves from competitors.

It is our responsibility to improve sustainability performance and reduce our carbon footprint and dependency on crude oil. As partners with Neste, we share the same values, ethics, and that there is a good level of trust between both companies.

Clariant and Neste are working to make our customers successful, as well as contributing to a more sustainable future for everyone. The vision for our collaboration is to be agile and fast, and to stay curious by constantly focusing on our customers’ needs.


Neste's renewable hydrocarbons can help replace crude oil based materials in various chemical industry's applications. 

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Gloria Diana Glang
Gloria Diana Glang
Vice President
Global Head of Business Line, Advanced Surface Solutions, Clariant