24 May 2013

Card-free fueling results in greater logistics efficiency

Customer case

Customer: Kone-Lahtinen Oy

  • Industry: Industrial logistics solutions
  • Net sales: EUR 5 million
  • Personnel: 70 Six locations around Finland

Business need: Safe, trouble-free fueling for the company’s logistics equipment.

Neste Oil’s solution and its benefits: Card-free Truck+ fueling service. Fueling is faster and safer, and requires less time and effort to administer and monitor when customers no longer need a card to fill up.

Neste Oil has offered its Truck+ card-free fueling service for its heavy traffic customers since May 2012. The service eliminates the problems that can result when cards are lost or misplaced and streamlines the fueling process. Vehicles are automatically identified by a chip installed in their body and a sensor fitted to the throat of their fuel tanks, which is registered by a reader in the nozzle of the fuel pump when it is inserted. The service is compatible with both trucks and machinery, such as excavators.

Kone-Lahtinen, which provides internal logistics services to industrial operators, started using the Truck+ service at the beginning of 2013, and 20 of its units are currently covered by the service. Kone-Lahtinen has found Truck+ very useful and it has helped the company enhance the efficiency of its operations, speeding up fueling and simplifying internal routines, according to Matti Lahtinen, one of the company’s operational managers. Kone-Lahtinen no longer has to monitor card usage either, saving on the administrative work this involves and improving security.