Car care products - cool, clean and in control

For retail - high-quality car chemicals in user-friendly package sizes. 

For fleets - high-quality car chemicals for demanding use. 

Introducing the power of nanotechnology

Neste has developed a new type of wind screen washer fluid based on nanotechnology. Neste Voltera Pro forms an invisible protective coating that keeps the windscreen surface clean. With its unique power and properties, Neste Voltera Pro is the first of what will be a complete series of innovative products based on nanotechnology. 


A range of high-quality car chemicals

Our car chemicals also include car detergents, brake fluid, and our AdBlue diesel exhaust fluid for reducing nitrous oxide (NOx) emissions. Neste coolants are ethylene or propylene glycol-based, offering excellent anti-freeze capabilities, as well as protection for the radiator against corrosion.