Finavia - Helsinki Airport

Helsinki Airport Achieves Carbon-neutrality with Diverse Climate Program

Finavia is taking steps towards a cleaner future by incorporating Neste MY Renewable Diesel as part of its emission solutions.

“This August, we reduced our carbon dioxide emissions to zero, and achieved the highest level of the international ACA certificate”, says Mikko Viinikainen, Vice President, Sustainability & Environment at Finavia. ”We have managed to make our operations carbon-neutral by using renewable energy sources, and investing in new, energy-efficient, low-emission solutions, as well as by compensating for residual emissions,”

Incorporating Neste MY Renewable Diesel into its daily operations was one of the key steps taken at Helsinki-Vantaa, that enabled it to gain the carbon-neutrality certificate in August. Neste MY Renewable Diesel was taken into use by all Apron shuttle buses at the airport.

Carbon-neutral by 2020?

Helsinki Airport was the first airport to achieve carbon neutrality, but Finavia aims at making all the company’s airports carbon-neutral by 2020.

“Using Neste MY Renewable Diesel as our vehicle fuel is a fixed part of our emissions solutions. It is an excellent addition to our energy portfolio, as the product offers up to 90% lower greenhouse gas emissions compared to conventional fossil diesel. In addition to reduced emissions, another reason for selecting Neste MY Renewable Diesel was its easy adoption – it is available to all companies operating at the airport”, Viinikainen says.

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