DB Schenker

DB Schenker Reduces its Greenhouse Gas Emissions Significantly

DB Schenker is tackling its emissions city by city. The transport and logistics giant is partnering with Neste to fuel its trucks with Neste MY Renewable Diesel in the cities of Turku and Helsinki. By changing to renewable diesel, DB Schenker is reducing their greenhouse gas emissions significantly in these two cities.

“Our global objective is to be a pioneer in environmental responsibility in the field of transport and logistics. In practice, we will reduce our carbon dioxide emissions in different forms of transportation and in all of our other functions and, in this way, help our customers and consumers to see to their environmental responsibility,” says Petteri Nurmi, Senior Vice President of Land Transport in Finland at DB Schenker.

DB Schenker is no stranger to adjustments to meet environmentally friendly goals, which can be seen in the company’s move towards renewable energy in its internal operations as well.

“For example, we have shifted to the use of solar energy and geo-energy in our buildings, and it is only natural to start using renewable energy in our transportation services,” says Petteri Nurmi”.

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Photo: DB Schenker / Aki Rask
Figure: DB Schenker / Aki Rask