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Joining forces in communicating our commitment to sustainability 

Neste and Niemi to collaborate on offering cleaner moving in Finland 

Starting from September 2019, Niemi Services, Finland’s leading service provider in the moving and logistics industry, introduced Neste MY Renewable Diesel™ in all its diesel vehicles and stopped using fossil fuels altogether. In practice, replacing fossil fuels with a renewable alternative reduces emissions as much as the removal of approximately 700 passenger cars from the road every year.  

Neste MY is a drop-in solution that all diesel vehicles can use right away and it helps to reduce customers' greenhouse gas emissions by up to 90 percent. 

“Sustainability has been both a key value and an asset to Niemi Services throughout our history. With our partnership with Neste, we are pleased to be able to tell our customers how we have stopped using fossil fuels altogether”, Juha Niemi, Director of Niemi Services, comments.

Niemi has witnessed the market becoming more conscious about environmental values and climate impact of companies' core operations. Today, clients demand swift and decisive action for climate and favour those who stand out.

“In order to keep up with their own sustainability goals, companies also expect their partners to be able to tangibly demonstrate how sustainability is being taken into account and put into play”, Niemi adds.


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With key partners, Neste joins forces also in marketing to help companies reach out to the public. Planning communications and marketing together not only saves time and increases awareness, but it also commits companies into sustainable partnerships.

“Along with taking action, it is equally important for companies to share those concrete actions and show how their commitment for reducing emissions is actually fulfilled. After all, change only happens through concrete actions”, Ms Heidi Peltonen, Sustainable Partnerships Manager at Neste, finishes.

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