For demanding use

Our solutions cover the needs of the most demanding users on and off road, as well as on water and in the air, in heating and in industry. Our products are developed to survive in harsh arctic conditions, with special arctic qualities available for extremely cold environments. As the world’s largest producer of renewable fuels, we can also offer sustainable, premium-quality and low-carbon renewable products. Logistics and other services are tailored to meet our customer needs.


To ensure maximum efficiency and optimal cash flow management for Neste customers, our ships can deliver “combi cargoes” of even small quantities

Wholesale and blenders

We offer a comprehensive range of high-quality products and tailored services for wholesalers and blenders. Would you be interested in for example of biomandate management, either as a service or as a solution?
 Our industrial products include lubricants for a wide variety of applications from the circulation oils for paper machines to industrial gears or hydraulics.


Neste has a comprehensive portfolio of products for demanding industrial use.