NEXBASE™ base oils are top-tier Group III base oils

The main applications for NEXBASE™ base oils are high-performance engine oils and industrial lubricants. NEXBASE™ base stocks have high oxidation stability, low evaporation, excellent low temperature fluidity and extremely low sulphur content.

The use of NEXBASE™ base oils in engine oils is growing

New emission legislation is driver for using better base oils. Latest catalytic converter technologies allow less impurity and therefore better engine lubricants are needed. Conventional mineral oil based lubricants do not full-fill the latest specifications and NEXBASE™ base oils are replacing them in high-performance lubricants.

Tom Kustermans, Customer Service Manager at Neste
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Tom Kustermans, Customer Service Manager

NEXBASE™ base oils are produced in the Porvoo refinery, Finland, and in Bahrain by hydroisomerization of hydrocracker bottoms.