Remuneration of the Board of Directors

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) is responsible for remuneration matters related to the Board of Directors.

The AGM in 2019 decided to pay the following remuneration to the Board:

  • Chair, EUR 66,000 a year
  • Vice Chair, EUR 49,200 a year
  • Members, EUR 35,400 a year.

In addition to the annual fee, members of the Board of Directors will receive a meeting fee of EUR 600 for each Board and Committee meeting held in the member's home country and EUR 1,200 for each Board and Committee meeting held in another country, plus compensation for expenses pertaining to the company's travel guidelines. The meeting fee for telephone meetings will be paid according to the fee payable for meetings held in each member's home country.

Board members are not covered by the Company’s remuneration systems and do not receive any performance- or share-related payments.

The remuneration paid to them is detailed in the following table. Information on shareholdings cover Neste shares directly, through organizations in which those concerned have a controlling interest, and in their capacity as trustees.

Read more about the remuneration of the Board Members in Neste Annual Report 2019.

The shareholdings of the Members of the Board including organizations under their control are presented in the Company's web page "shareholdings".