Commercial Operations

Smooth and steady.

We manage the day-to-day commercial relationships with our customers and suppliers that serve as the backbone of our pioneering products and services.



Meeting targets

We aim to increase the sales volume of our network and offer sustainable solutions that meet the needs of consumers and a wide variety of B2B customers. We achieve this by utilizing data, insight and digitalization and ensuring the best customer experience.



Keeping the flow going

We maximize process efficiency and productivity. We achieve this by overseeing and managing Neste's overall supply chain, logistics strategy and operations, and developing and maintaining good relationships with vendors and distributors.


Customer Service

Above and beyond the call of duty

The customer service experience that we deliver is fast, modern and the most convenient. We achieve this by utilizing data, insight and digitalization, and by developing a diverse range of services as part of our offerings.


Commercial Support

Working behind the scenes

We are responsible for managing back end operations. We achieve this by having a high level understanding of our clients and their needs.


Career stories

Our purpose and culture make Neste a place where passionate professionals grow and develop. Meet some of our people and read about their Neste journeys so far:

Polina Tkatsuk

Polina Tkatsku: On top of your game

Anna Hyyrynen

Anna Hyyrynen: Career cultivation

Jessica Masters

Jessica Masters: Passionate about collaboration