Production & Operations

Focus on operational excellence and safety.
We monitor and analyze our production systems to make sure they run smoothly, are effective and safe, and that they meet the needs, expectations and high standards of customers.



Production with minimal environmental load

We ensure and oversee safe and efficient operations. We also see to it that the quality of our products remains high and that the environmental impacts of our production are minimized.

We achieve this by having modern and automatized production equipment and methods in place.



Maintenance/Asset management

Proactivity at the frontline

We ensure the functionality and capacity of our production equipment and optimize process plans. We achieve this in cooperation with internal and external partners and colleagues.



From Point A to Point B – and beyond

We are a proactive partner in chartering activities and fleet operations. We achieve this by providing global transportation and storage solutions for feedstock and refined products in a safe, sustainable, and cost-efficient manner.


Career stories

Our purpose and culture make Neste a place where passionate professionals grow and develop. Meet some of our people and read about their Neste journeys so far:

Bart Leenders

Bart Leenders: Agile and International

Risto Heikkala

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