Tips for applying for a job

FAQ - Frequently asked questions

1. How can I know that my job application has been received?

We will send you a personal confirmation message after receiving your application. We will also inform you when we have found a suitable candidate for the position.

2. How quickly do you respond to job applications?

The duration of recruitment can vary, but on average it takes from one to three months. If there are any delays, we will inform the applicants.

3. Can I submit an open application?

You may submit an open applications. However we engourage you to review and apply directly to our current job openings that are listed online. We also recommend you to set up Job Alerts to receive automated emails listing Neste's job openings. 

4. What kind of employees is Neste looking for?

We have a diverse range of positions and experts with a diverse range of educational backgrounds. Experts in chemistry and process workers account for a particularly high share of our employees. We also need skilled people for customer work, sales, and other commercial positions.

5. Do I need to attach a photograph to my job application?

No, but a photograph can give us an image of the applicant and is an efficient memory trace.

6. Do you interview applicants?

Yes, our recruitment process usually includes one or two interviews, but the number of interviews varies on a case-by-case basis. We interview people applying for summer internships only once, for example, while those applying for expert positions are interviewed twice. If necessary, the applicant can be met for a third time.
An applicant’s future manager and/or someone from HR are normally present at interviews.

7. Do you use suitability tests?

Yes, we use suitability assessments in recruitment.

8. Why is a drug test required of the chosen applicant?

Neste is a zero-intoxicant workplace. We want to guarantee the safety of our employees and processes, so we test chosen applicants before signing the employment contract.