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Contractor safety – collaboration creates safety

Service providers are important partners, as they play a significant role in the successful implementation of diverse projects. In addition to the safety of our people, we also take care of the safety of contractors working in our areas of operations.

Common rules mitigate risks

We ensure that contractors are able to work safely and are informed of any risks related to the work conditions. This is ensured through various audits, contractual safety requirements, and personal protective equipment and safety policies. A written risk assessment is always jointly prepared for high-risk work, agreeing on the measures required for safe work.

We ensure through training and permit practices that work is scheduled correctly and all workers know the hazards related to the conditions and working practices.

Development proposals are always welcome!

We expect our service providers to execute their work at a high quality level, to be professionally skilled, and to be able to manage work-related risks. To ensure safety, open communications and collaboration to correct shortcomings and defects is also important.