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Team safety commitments change the safety culture

“Way Forward to Safety” is a long-term safety development program which engages all Neste employees, top management included. As part of the program, aiming at improving the company’s safety performance by changing its safety culture, all Neste teams have been making safety commitments. By the end of 2016, over 90% of the company’s approximately 450 teams had made their own safety commitments. The remaining teams are expected to make their safety commitments by the end of the first quarter in 2017.

"We will ensure that the preparation of investment projects is done in compliance with safety requirements. We communicate safety findings and recommendations for decision-makers."
Neste investment management

The commitments are made by each team for themselves; thus they differ from one another. The essential issue is that the commitment is relevant for the team and the work it does, and that the team knows how implementation of the commitment is monitored, measured, and evaluated. Each team member must have a clear role related to the commitment. Each commitment should have an impact, and contribute either directly or indirectly towards changing the company’s safety culture. 

“We will ensure that we have detailed work plans for unforeseen and urgent maintenance measures to control and reduce risks.”
Neste Renewable Products, Singapore maintenance team

The team commitments highlight development needs in Neste's safety practices and ways of working. Many team commitments generate ideas that can be implemented as development programs either at corporate or local level.

“We keep looking forward, we are fast but not hasty.”
Sales and Marketing: Neste Estonia Office