Safe products

Product safety - safety first from R&D to recycling

The safety of the products we sell is a major source of pride. We want to make sure that our products are safe to handle throughout their life cycle – from R&D to recycling.

Naturally, our products also meet both national and international regulatory requirements.

Informing customers about product safety

Most of the products sold by us are classified as hazardous substances. Due to their hazardous nature, actively informing customers and package labeling are extremely important practices.

We always make sure that the information required for the safe handling of products is made readily available to our customers. We tell our customers about product safety through material safety data sheets, among other measures.

Safe handling of chemicals

The European Union's chemical directive (REACH) aims to ensure the safe use of chemicals within the EU. The regulation also applies to Neste, and all chemicals produced and imported by us are registered in accordance with REACH. We also take its requirements into account in sourcing and sales agreements, product development, and risk management practices at the refineries.

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