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Core R&D

Lars Peter Lindfors, Senior Vice President, Technology
"We believe that for example algae and biomass from forestry and agriculture will play a significant role as feedstock in the future, for producing our renewable products."
Lars Peter Lindfors, Senior Vice President, Technology

At Neste, we want to create added value for our customers, and to be the preferred partner in cleaner traffic fuel solutions. With our R&D operations, we aim to further improve our competitiveness as a manufacturer of traffic fuel, and to seek flexibility and growth also in other solutions.

At our engine laboratory, we study and test the quality of our products so that they function both reliably and at optimal performance levels, thus saving vehicle engines from wear and from gathering dirt. 

For decades, we have been known as a provider of innovative fuel solutions, from sulfur-free petrol to renewable diesel, refined out of waste and residue. The current key focus of our research work is feedstock flexibility and the expansion of the renewable product family.


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Majority of our R&D efforts has focused on research and the testing of the renewable raw materials of the future. We want to improve flexibility in feedstock sourcing in particular by utilizing waste and residue from nonfood materials. We choose the feedstocks we research based on their suitability, price, and availability. Moreover, the feedstock has to be sustainable.

Our strengths in research are:

  • strong know-how in feedstocks, processes, and products due to lengthy experience
  • tight cooperation with top experts in various fields
  • successful partnerships with research institutes and corporations