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Pioneer in developing cleaner traffic fuels

We have been developing cleaner traffic fuels for decades. One of the the examples include Neste Pro Diesel, which complies with automotive manufacturers' strictest Worldwide Fuel Charter (WWFC) category 5 specifications, as well as Neste's renewable diesel based on our own NEXBTL technology.

Our latest development area has been the development of low-sulfur bunker fuel.

Neste's product experts also actively support sales, production, and clients in product-related questions, and take part in the international standardization of fuels in CEN and ASTM through different industrial organizations.

By participating in European cooperation groups in the oil industry, in Europia and Concawe, we aim to influence the international quality development of fuels.

Neste has its own engine laboratory for product testing, which is an integral part of product development of fuels.