Research & Development

Development and optimizing of refining processes

Neste businesses and R&D systematically cooperate in developing the usability and production of our refineries. We have more than 40 catalytic units, the production of which we optimize by selecting the most optimal catalysts available on the market. 

Often we test the alternatives offered by catalyst manufacturers ourselves in pilot-scale test reactors before choosing a catalyst. We also cooperate with catalyst manufacturers by developing catalysts tailored to our own needs.     

Catalyst samples

Own process development work

For example, NEXBTL, NExOCTANE , NExETHERS and AlkyClean technologies were created as a result of our own process development work. The processes are used both at our own refineries, and under a license by other users.

Our processes have been rewarded the Chemical Industry Federation of Finland's Innovation Award in 2006 for NEXBTL; the Finnish Engineering Award in 2003 for NExOCTANE; and international awards for AlkyClean.