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The invisible necessity

Energy, water, storage, other infrastructure and industrial plant services must be finely tuned if industrial hubs are to thrive. Perhaps you need a new source of power, storage for feedstock and chemicals, or a way to streamline harbour operations. Our thorough understanding of the engineering required means we can help you build, renew, or expand your commercial and manufacturing areas.

Our diagnostics help identify areas for improvement in your current facilities, and our highly advanced simulation tools identify potential design problems before construction. When building, our extensive network gives you access to the best suppliers. We are particularly good with brownfield and greenfield projects, integrating a unique, tailored solution to update your OSBL functions in the rest of your operations with very little disruption and downtime.

Working closely with our customers, we provide high-quality EPCM services within budget and on time. Our international reach gives us a detailed knowledge of local legislation that ensures your projects follow regulations, yet our modest size allows us to provide a personal touch in both small and large projects. We offer you over 60 years of experience in all relevant fields of engineering to bring comprehensive expert knowledge to your project.


  • Consulting
  • Engineering and project services
  • Health, safety and environment
  • Investment material service