Who we are

Data related to the use of our services

We collect information regarding the use of our services as it is our legitimate business interest in improving your customer experience with us and for developing our services and products to meet our customer’s interests and needs. In particular we use data for the following purposes:

  • For improving our understanding of our customer usage trends. This enables us to provide you with discounts and other marketing material we believe you may be interested in, always subject to your communication preferences.
  • To implement, maintain and develop our existing and future services and products. We do this by analyzing our customers’ use of our services and products and performing statistics on the data. This brings added value to both of us: you can order improved services and products from us and we can continue to fulfil our customers’ developing wishes and needs.

Customizing your data

Use of the Mobile app or websites or any feature of them may require customization of products or services provided through them in order to meet your specific needs or wishes. Such customization is done by forming the profile that best describes you as a customer. The profile of you can be created from various types of data, such as your personal attributes and your behavior.

Profiles can be used, for example, to target marketing and content of the Services by providing you with individually customized advertising and marketing in connection with the Services. With the aid of content customization, the advertising we target through the Services varies from customer to customer. 

Profiles are also used to support our service and product development.