Future of Public Space

The GreenPod, developed primarily from renewable materials, is a multifunctional space, mixing home and office, private and public.

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The Future of Public Space: GreenPod

Digitalization offers us a new kind of flexibility between work and freetime. Laptops and WiFi’s enable us to work whenever, wherever. The only challenge is to find the ideal, personal workspace that fits into our personal needs.

This is where GreenPod enters the picture. GreenPod is a connected pod that captures the needs of the modern working space. It is developed using Neste bioplastic that’s not only emission free but can actively absorb CO2 out of the air. GreenPod offers a unique way of working on your own terms within an urban public space. Book it for the hours of your choice and use it as a working space, a meeting room or a getaway from the city noises.

GreenPod is your perfect mix of social and private: even if located in the middle of a crowded public space, the pod is completely private. The user can add a personal touch to their pod session by selecting a natural soundscape, setting the optimal temperature and even choosing their favorite view. GreenPod’s walls can be turned into projections of different landscapes, from a snowy mountain view to a sunny day at the beach. The GreenPods are also interconnected, allowing the user to arrange 3D hologram meetings between friends and colleagues all over the world.

The GreenPod revolutionizes the concept of work. In the end, it’s all about working more efficiently rather than working more.

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Lets people
work more efficiently
and creatively.

A private spot
in public space.

Tailor-made interior environment:
Select your preferred soundscape,
temperature, and wall projection.

Potential harmonization of
work and family life.

Interconnected space allowing users to
arrange 3D hologram meetings with
friends and colleagues around the globe.

Brings the workplace
with today's
digitalized world.