Future of travel

EcoTravel plans each step of your holiday. All trips are powered by renewable fuels, and all activities and services have a minimal carbon impact.

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Future of Travel: EcoTravel

Planning a sustainable vacation currently requires commitment and dedication; it can be confusing and time-consuming. Neste’s EcoTravel is a groundbreaking sustainable travel concept that enables you to plan your vacation with the smallest carbon footprint possible.
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All transportation on the trip, including transport to hotels and restaurants, will utilize renewable fuels. And EcoTravel doesn’t just cover transport. Activities and local services that have a minimal environmental impact, as well as sustainably produced food, are included as part of the EcoTravel package. EcoTravel also gives you the chance to significantly lighten the carbon footprint of your trip’s air travel.  Each flight will combine renewable fuel with carbon offset programs. The world can only be changed if we make the right decisions. The sheer breadth of sustainable choices offered by EcoTravel means that each step of your journey, each meal, and each activity can help to make the world a better place. A real win-win situation for holidaymakers, the travel industry, and for this globe we call home.

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EcoTravel will act as a pioneering example for
the travel industry, showing that cleaner
ways of travel are possible

By increasing the demand for eco-tourism
that uses renewable transport methods,
the supply of such methods is also increased.

Minimizes holidaymakers' ecological
leisure footprint without compromising
quality standards
. Enables travel with
an environmentally clean conscience.

Will enable consumers to have a
broader range of renewable travel
than before.

Sustainable foods, activities,
and destinations
can be conveniently bundled into
the holiday package.

All transportation booked through the
service is powered by renewables from
the moment travelers leave their house,
even air travel will use renewable fuels.