Future of Entertainment

ThinkEar is a personal audio system controlled by your brainwaves. Its integrated EEG sensors are able to read brainwaves and translate them into commands that navigate audio content.

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Future of Entertainment: ThinkEar

Controlling devices with our minds is no longer solely science fiction. Neste’s ThinkEar headphones are a bold entertainment concept that offers thought-controlled personal audio.


ThinkEar is a headphone-based entertainment system that offers the least intrusive levels of interaction imaginable. Constantly connected to a cloud brimming with all the audio content you could ever want, the headphones are all you need; there’s no external device or companion apps required.

Its most unique feature? ThinkEar’s UI is controlled by your brainwaves. You simply formulate a command and the integrated EEG reader interprets them. This is a radical extension of the functions of previous headphones. It can even translate languages and give you directions around an unfamiliar neighbourhood.

ThinkEar will be built using Neste bioplastic that has a less than zero emission rate – the plastic made from waste and residue can actually absorb carbon dioxide out of the air.

This is the future of personalized audio – and you’ve got to hear it to believe it.

6604 ääntä


No external devices required,
no more cables to untangle
- the earphones are all you need.

In comparison to "normal" headphones, additional
services made possible by artificial intelligence
extend the abilities drastically
language, news, communication, etc.)

All audio content just
a thought away.

By utilizing the latest developments in
3D printing technology and material
science Neste's headphones will offer
unparalleled levels of comfort.

Optimization of 3D printing means that this
will be the first time a product of this
type will be available to consumers.

Seamless 3D printed custom-fit design
that retells the electronics/audio piece
inside the headphones.