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Neste's NEXBTL renewable diesel proves its performance - Across the USA on just one tank

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29 June 2015 at 3.20 pm

Neste's NEXBTL renewable diesel proves its performance - Across the USA on just one tank

Neste, the world largest producer of renewable diesel, CLP Motorsports and multiple time X-Games and Rally Cross champion Tanner Foust made history on June 26th, when CLP Motorsports' Superlite Coupe crossed the finish line in Santa Monica, California after driving across the USA on one tank of NEXBTL renewable diesel.

This was no ordinary trip - it was a historic accomplishment of car, men, and a remarkable renewable diesel fuel. This was the first time ever that this type of trip was driven using a fuel that is made exclusively from bio-based raw materials.

The trip was the brainchild of Pat O'Keefe, CEO and President of CLP Motor sports, Vice President at Golden Gate Petroleum and a keen racing car driver and enthusiast.  Golden Gate started selling Neste's NEXBTL renewable diesel to its fleet customers the San Francisco area in 2013.

"What a great opportunity to be able to partner with Neste on this project so that we can help bring awareness to the public about this amazing fuel - NEXBTL renewable diesel.   We will continue to promote this great fuel through our fleet-servicing and retail stations and of course through our racing" said an excited, albeit exhausted, Pat O'Keefe.

Guest champion Tanner Foust was equally impressed with the fuel.

"When it comes to low emissions in racing or driving on the street, good quality fuel is the key. With renewable diesel you will get more power, and cleaner burning and renewable. Those things typically don't mix. That's why I think Neste's NEXBTL renewable diesel is a very special product. When I saw the race car and the concept, I saw the opportunity to balance my own carbon footprint as I burn tires for a living. I really think Neste will take over here," said Foust, four-time X-Games gold medal winner, three-time U.S. Rallycross champion and two-time Formula Drift and Global Rally Cross champion, at the finish line.

In addition to Tanner Foust, and Pat O'Keefe, Luke Lonberger, CLP Motorsports General Manager and experienced motorsports driver, and Michael von Disterlo, CLP Motorsports' Lead Mechanic, also drove during this record-breaking adventure.

2,507 miles driven at an a average speed of 68 miles per hour with 37.6 gallons of renewable NEXBTL renewable diesel

The epic 2,507-mile journey, which began in Jacksonville, Florida, and finished successfully in Santa Monica, California, took a total driving time of 37 hours 2 minutes. The trip was made with CLP-engineered and developed Superlite Coupe (SLC) racecar powered by a custom Volkswagen 1.9-liter TDI diesel engine. The SLC has been built featuring aerodynamics for maximum efficiency at speed and enhanced with an aluminum monocoque chassis and fiberglass body. The result was a car that maintains all of its power and handling of a racecar, yet is still street legal. 

When the car was finally refueled in Santa Monica, the fuel consumption for the cross country journey was determined to be 37.6 gallons of NEXBTL renewable diesel - yielding an average fuel consumption of 66.7 miles per gallon.  It is estimated that the use of NEXBTL in the SLC resulted in a GHG reduction of about 75 percent compared to a journey being done with a "regular" car running on petroleum diesel.

"Motorists expect a lower carbon footprint as well as lower tailpipe emissions from renewable fuels, without compromising high quality and good performance. We made this unique trip to show that advanced biofuels such as NEXBTL renewable diesel meet these requirements," said Kaisa Hietala, Executive Vice President, Renewable Products at Neste. 

Neste's NEXBTL renewable diesel is a low-carbon, clean burning diesel fuel that meets the requirements of ASTM D-975 (the US fuel standard) as well as the CARB diesel requirements (The Californian fuel standard).  It is a "drop-in" fuel that is compatible with all diesel engines and does not require changes to the distribution network.

NEXBTL renewable diesel is sold to fleets, refining companies and fuel distributors around the world. NEXBTL has been well-received in California, where it is one of the key fuels helping refiners and blenders meet their obligations under California's Low Carbon Fuel Standard.

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