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Pittsburg Unified School District in California switches to Neste MY Renewable Diesel

Neste Corporation Press Release 19 April 2018 at 9:00 am (EET)

Pittsburg Unified School District (PUSD), a public school district based in Contra Costa County, California, has switched some of its vehicles from operating on petroleum diesel to using Neste MY Renewable Diesel™.

Neste MY Renewable Diesel is a low-carbon fuel produced from 100% renewable and sustainable raw materials. The fuel cuts greenhouse gas emissions by up to 90% and enables reductions in engine-out emissions, all while enhancing fleet performance. Neste MY Renewable Diesel is a drop-in alternative to petroleum diesel and is distributed via the same fuel infrastructure.

Matthew Belasco, Director of Maintenance, Operations, and Transportation, Pittsburg USD cites the health of the students in his community as the main reason for the switch to clean-burning, zero odor renewable fuel. “We have a high prevalence of upper respiratory incidents here and we are committed to doing everything we can to reduce the level of emissions our students and community are exposed to,” Belasco said.

Asked if there were initial concerns about switching to renewable diesel, Belasco admitted “We did have a major concern, especially my mechanics. They were concerned this would ruin the engines and would provide less power. The reality was exactly the opposite, clean burning fuel and no mechanical issues related to the fuel”, he said.

“We are so proud to be supporting PUSD with this premium fuel that’s not only renewable and sustainable, but a clean, safe, odorless fuel that reduces vapors and is less harmful for the children, the drivers and the environment,” said Jeremy Baines, Vice President of Sales, Neste US, Inc.

In addition to switching 20 of their vehicles to run on renewable diesel, PUSD’s other sustainability efforts include solar arrays; new electric buses; certified green custodial cleaning products; an idle-free program to discourage idling vehicles at school sites; farm-to-school fresh produce; active gardens at all school sites and a high percentage of recycle to waste ratio.

Western States Oil, based in San Jose, California, is the exclusive distributor of Neste MY Renewable Diesel to PUSD.

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Neste in brief

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Pittsburg Unified School District (PUSD) in brief

Founded in 1933, PUSD is a K-12 district serving the diverse community of Pittsburg, California. Awarded the College Board’s Gaston Caperton Opportunity Honor Roll award in 2016 for expanding access to college, PUSD is one of 130 school districts across the nation recognized for creating opportunities for traditionally underrepresented students.