Sustainability – at the core of our strategy

Sustainability is one of our four values that form a basis for everything we do.

Sustainability is not only our way of operating, it is part of our business. We have invested approximately EUR 1.5 billion in the production of renewable fuels, as they offer us business growth and are an efficient way of combating climate change. In 2016, almost 50% of Neste's result was generated by the renewable fuels business.

Using our Neste MY Renewable Diesel makes it possible to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 50–90% compared to fossil diesel. Its use helps to improve urban air quality, as well.

In addition to traffic, we offer cleaner solutions to other industries, such as the chemical industry. The NEXBTL technology can be used to produce renewable solvents for use in the production of paints and bioplastics, for example.