Sustainability-related risks and opportunities

Our operations are associated with a number of sustainability-related risks and opportunities. We aim to identify these threats and opportunities and to proactively prevent or enable them. We are not engaged in any oil exploration or drilling activities, which significantly reduces our exposure to direct environmental risks.

Sustainability provides business opportunities

Sustainability means opportunities to us. Renewable fuels are one of the most significant ways of addressing the increasing need for energy in traffic, which creates growth opportunities for our business. Our proprietary NEXBTL technology also offers growth in other applications besides traffic, such as the chemical industry.

Our most significant sustainability-related risks:


Preventive measures

Procurement of refinery feedstocks and reputation risk associated with palm oil


  • We exclusively use traced and certified palm oil
  • Open communications and reporting
  • We are engaged in close collaboration with stakeholders, such as The Forest Trust (TFT), an organization focused on combating deforestation

Risks related to occupational and process safety

  • Unambiguous safety regulations
  • Preventive safety work

Risks related to the environmental impact of refining operations and transports


  • Advance inspections and technical requirements for vessels
  • Modern production technology and preventive maintenance
  • Environmental and emissions monitoring required by environmental permits

Risks related to product liability

  • We ensure that all necessary and up-to-date information related to product safety is available to customers

Risks related to amendments to environmental legislation and legislation concerning renewable fuels

  • We actively take part in discussions on legislative changes and offer our expert knowledge to support political decisions