For the benefit of communities – support for the public good

We interact with a number of communities and support work for the public good. With our charity, we also want to support development in areas where society's resources are not sufficient to guarantee wellbeing. In line with our principles, political parties, religious movements, and company clubs cannot be among our recipients of sponsorship.

Joy of sports to future pioneers

In recent years, our sponsoring activities have focused particularly on future pioneers – children and young people. Our sponsoring aims to increase the wellbeing of young people and children and to help them enjoy sport and staying on the move.

Our sponsored parties and collaborations:​

  • Flying Finn 100
  • Antti Autti
  • Oulun Kärpät - Ice hockey team
  • Lastenklinikoiden Kummit: Neste donates EUR 100 to Lastenklinikoiden kummit for every goal scored by the Oulun Kärpät ice hockey team in a home game.
  • Kalevan kisat - Finnish Championships in Athletics
  • Weekend Festival
  • Flow Festival
  • Naantali Music Festival
  • Avantin Suvisoitto
  • FC Futura
  • The Tall Ship Race
  • Millenium Prize / TAF
  • Neste Rally Finland

Sponsoring Neste Rally Finland for over 20 years

Neste has been the main sponsor of the Finnish World Rally Championship event in Jyväskylä, Finland, since 1994. The rally annually generates a financial benefit of millions of euro for the Jyväskylä region.

Supporting innovation is close to us

Research and development activities play an important role in our businesses, which is why they are also seen as worthy of sponsorship support. We are proud sponsors of the world's biggest technology award, the Millennium Technology Prize, among others. The award is well suited to our mind-set, as it is awarded once every two years to an innovation that improves people's quality of life and supports sustainable development.

Vitality for local communities!

The vitality of communities in places where we operate is important to us. We take part in maintaining the vitality of the local communities, e.g., by sponsoring sports and culture at locations where we operate. Every year, we donate tens of thousands of euros to volunteer work initiatives among children and young people.