Certified supply chain – from raw material production to final product

We ensure the sustainability of our renewable fuel production chain with certification. Certifications include the EU-compliant ISCC (International Sustainability and Carbon Certification), RSPO, and RSPO-RED. ISCC is raw material-independent, meaning that diverse raw materials can be certified with it, while RSPO and RSPO-RED are particularly designed for certifying palm oil. In the United States, the sustainability of renewable fuels is monitored through the Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) sustainability requirements.  

What does certification ensure?

The certification systems specify what constitutes sustainable operations, what their criteria are, and how the functioning of the supply chain should be documented.

Certifications ensure that during production:

  • there is no cultivation in restricted areas (e.g., high carbon stock areas and rainforests)
  • the greenhouse gas emission reduction covering the product's entire life cycle is calculated correctly
  • biodiversity or endangered species have not been put at risk
  • there is no land grabbing
  • human rights have not been violated
  • workers' rights have been respected.

Certification covers the entire supply chain

We only accept certified crude palm oil. However, not all feedstocks used in the production of renewable fuels are required to be certified. If certification is not required, the sustainability of the feedstock production is verified in accordance with Neste's own policies and principles for sustainability and the legislation of the country to which the fuel will be supplied. All our raw material supplier must pass a due diligence process related to sustainability of the production.

In addition, all of our refineries producing Neste Renewable Diesel are ISCC-certified as required in Europe and EPA-approved for the United States. This proves that production and raw material sourcing comply with the European Union's Renewable Energy Directive (RED) and the requirements of EPA. Moreover, they prove that our Neste Renewable Diesel is eligible for meeting the environmental obligations in the EU Member States and the United States.

Certificates in Neste