Summer trainees

The application period for summer internships 2017 has ended. Thank you every one who took part! We aim to select the successful candidates by mid-April. Summer internships typically last 2–3 months and begin in May or June. 

The remuneration of summer interns is based on how far they have progressed with their studies and their previous work experience. We are committed to giving them a satisfying job and a fair level of remuneration, as well as providing them with an appropriate introduction to their job and guidance where needed, and always treating them fairly and equally. 

We have been part of the Responsible Summer Jobs campaign in Finland – and its commitment to offering quality summer employment to young people – for a number of years.

Successful summer trainee experiences

We carry out a survey of trainees every year after they have completed their stay with us, asking them to tell us how they found their work and to give us an overall rating. The results of these surveys have been consistently excellent. Nearly all trainees say that they would recommend Neste as an employer.

This is how our summer trainees described their work at Neste in 2015:

  • "I learned a tremendous amount of new things and was able to develop my existing competence."
  • "The atmosphere was good, I never had to feel that I was alone and I received help whenever needed. On the other hand, I was given lots of responsibility and the opportunity to perform tasks and make decisions independently."
  • "The orientation was great. I was given a view of what the internship will include and learned the ways of the company at the very beginning."
  • "A good spirit, I felt welcome right away."
  • "The joint day for all summer trainees was really successful. It was nice to meet summer trainees from other locations and network with them.