Use of a proxy and authorizations

The Company urges shareholders to avoid attending the Annual General Meeting at the AGM venue. Instead, the Company recommends that shareholders vote in advance or alternatively authorise Veli Siitonen, attorney-at-law, of Merilampi Attorneys Ltd., or attorney-at-law appointed by him, to represent them free of charge at the meeting. However, also shareholders wishing to authorise a proxy or submit their votes in advance as described below are required to register for the general meeting in accordance with the instructions set out above in this notice, even if they do not attend the meeting at the meeting venue themselves. 

A template power of attorney as well as further instructions for the authorisation is available here. The template power of attorney for authorising attorney-at-law Veli Siitonen is requested to be delivered either as an e-mail attachment (PDF) to, or through regular mail to address: Merilampi Attorneys Ltd., Veli Siitonen, Keskuskatu 7, 00100 HELSINKI, Finland, before the last date and time for registration.

A shareholder is entitled to participate and make use of his or her rights as a shareholder at the AGM by way of third-party proxy representation.

A person holding a shareholder's proxy should be in possession of a dated letter of proxy or otherwise be able to show in a reliable manner that he or she is entitled to act in this capacity on behalf of a shareholder. Authorizations shall be considered to cover one meeting only, unless otherwise stated. In the event that a shareholder is represented by more than one proxy representative representing shares held in different securities accounts, each proxy representative should state which shares he or she represents when registering to attend the AGM.

Proxy documents and powers of attorney for authorising a third-party proxy should primarily be delivered to the Company by e-mail to, or alternatively by post to the following address: Neste Corporation, Annual General Meeting, POB 95, FI-00095 NESTE, before the last date and time for registration. The original proxy document should be presented at the Annual General Meeting at the latest, if required.