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Entitlement to attend and registration

In order to limit the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic, the AGM will be arranged so that shareholders or their proxy representatives may not arrive at the AGM venue. The Company’s shareholders and their proxy representatives can participate in the AGM and exercise their rights only by voting in advance and making counterproposals and presenting questions in advance considering the limitations set out in the Temporary Act.

A shareholder or a proxy representative may not participate in the AGM by means of real-time telecommunications either, but shareholders may follow the AGM on the Company’s website Shareholders following the AGM in this way are not considered to participate in the AGM.

Right to participate of a shareholder registered in the shareholders' register

Each shareholder, who is registered on 18 March 2022 in the shareholders’ register of the Company held by Euroclear Finland Ltd, has the right to participate in the AGM. A shareholder, whose shares are registered on his/her personal Finnish book-entry account, is registered in the shareholders’ register of the Company.

Notice of participation of a shareholder registered in the shareholders’ register and voting in advance

Registration for the AGM and advance voting begin at 9.00 am EET on 23 February 2022, when the deadline for delivering counterproposals has expired and the Company has published the possible counterproposals to be put to a vote on the Company’s website. A shareholder entered in the Company's shareholders’ register, who wishes to participate in the AGM by voting in advance, must register for the AGM and deliver his/her votes in advance by 4.00 pm EET on 23 March 2022 at the latest, by which time the notice of participation and the votes must be received.

Shareholders with a Finnish book-entry account can register and vote in advance on certain items on the agenda of the AGM during the period 9.00 am EET on 23 February 2022 – 4.00 pm EET on 23 March 2022 by the following manners:

a) Via the Company’s website

Registering and voting in advance requires strong electronic identification (online banking codes or Mobile ID) for natural persons. Strong electronic identification is not required for legal persons. Legal persons must, however, provide the number of their book-entry account as well as other required information. If a legal person uses the electronic authorization, registration requires a strong electronic identification from the authorized person, which can be done with banking codes or Mobile ID.

b) By regular mail or e-mail

A shareholder voting in advance by regular mail or e-mail must deliver an advance voting form available on the Company’s website to Euroclear Finland Oy by regular mail to Euroclear Finland Ltd, Yhtiökokous / Neste Corporation, P.O. Box 1110, FI-00101 Helsinki, Finland or by e-mail to

If a shareholder participates in the AGM by delivering votes in advance by regular mail or e-mail to Euroclear Finland Ltd, the delivery of the votes before the deadline for delivering the notice of participation and the votes has expired shall constitute a registration for the AGM provided that information required for registration set out in the advance voting form is provided.

A shareholder must in connection with the registration submit the requested information, such as the shareholder’s identification and contact details. Personal data disclosed in connection with the shareholders’ registration will be used only in connection with the AGM and the thereto related necessary handling of registrations.

Instructions regarding the voting are available to all shareholders on the Company’s website Additional information is also available by telephone at +358 20 770 6862.