Use of a proxy and authorizations

A shareholder is entitled to participate and make use of his or her rights as a shareholder at the AGM by proxy.

A shareholder’s proxy representative must produce a dated proxy document or otherwise in a reliable manner demonstrate his/her right to represent the shareholder. If a shareholder participates in the AGM by means of several proxy representatives representing the shareholder with shares at different securities accounts, the shares by which each proxy representative represents the shareholder shall be identified in connection with the registration for the AGM.

A template for a proxy document and voting instructions are available on the Company’s website as of 23 February 2022 at the latest when the deadline for delivering counterproposals to be put to a vote has expired and when the Company has published possible counterproposals to be put to a vote on the Company’s website.

A shareholder, who will not vote in advance himself/herself, may without any cost for the shareholder use the Company’s proxy authorization service and authorize Veli Siitonen, Attorney-at-Law at Merilampi Attorneys Ltd., or another of the Company independent Attorney-at-Law appointed by him to act as a proxy representative and exercise the shareholder’s voting rights at the AGM in accordance with the voting instructions given by the shareholder. A signed proxy document including an advance voting form must be delivered to Veli Siitonen, Attorney-at-Law, by e-mail or regular mail (contact details below) before the end of the registration and advance voting period, by which time the documents must be received.

Further information on the designated proxy representative is available on the website and his contact details are: e-mail:

postal address: Merilampi Attorneys Ltd., Veli Siitonen, Keskuskatu 7, FI-00100 Helsinki, Finland.

A shareholder may participate in the AGM and exercise his/her rights thereat also by appointing another proxy representative of his/her choice. A proxy representative appointed by a shareholder must also vote in advance by regular mail or e-mail in the manner described in this notice (a proxy representative cannot vote in the electronic advance voting system, excluding proxy representatives of legal persons in the manner described in the next paragraph). A proxy representative must deliver a proxy document given to him/her including an advance voting form or corresponding information by regular mail to Euroclear Finland Ltd, Yhtiökokous / Neste Corporation, P.O. Box 1110, FI-00101 Helsinki, Finland or by e-mail to before the end of the registration and advance voting period, by which time the documents or corresponding information must be received. Delivery of a proxy document to Euroclear Finland Ltd before the expiration of the registration period constitutes due registration for the AGM.

A shareholder who is a legal person can also use the electronic authorization service instead of a traditional proxy document. In this case, the legal person authorizes a proxy that it nominates in the authorization service at the website using the mandate theme “Representation at the General Meeting”. In connection with Euroclear Finland Ltd's General Meeting service, the person so authorized must identify himself or herself with strong electronic identification in connection with the registration, after which the electronic authorization will be checked automatically. Strong electronic identification works with banking codes or the Mobile ID. More information is available on the website and on the Company’s website