Artist closeup: Kip Pääkkönen

"It’s really important to be able to give back to the NGO Hope – so other kids can have the same chances that I got.”

“I usually work with digital tools. So this project has been a big leap for me in many ways.

The process was three-fold: first at the harbour with the huge machine. The with a roller outside the Albright-Knox art gallery. And finally details in the studio.

I’m really proud of what we’ve done here over the time we’ve worked with the project. To be able to show that all people can still have hope, even thou they are not from a wealthy family or anything like that. They still have a chance to do anything.

Traveling to Albright-Knox was a huge, positive surprise. By an amazing coincidence, my mother happens to be from Buffalo, and she used to visit the gallery by bike all the time when she was a kid. For me, it was really exciting to see all the amazing artwork by Matisse and Picasso at the museum. I rarely get to go to big galleries. I think it was a really inspiring experience, an important part of the creation of our art work.

I think there’s a lot of similarities between Buffalo, U.S. and our home Finland, the issues with wealth and having access to basic things. That was one the things we learned during our project: The problems are the same everywhere. There’s a need for hope everywhere.

The NGO Hope has helped our entire family with many things. They’ve helped us with clothes and stuff like that. They helped me get clothes for my transitioning, to get more masculine clothes, which was really nice.

I remember last Christmas when we went to Hope, they had organised this huge dinner for all these families, who are part of Hope or helped by them. All the kids got these presents and all.

I think it’s really important to be able to give back to Hope. So that other kids can have the same chances and things that I got.”

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Art Gallery

Kip is studying at the Helsinki Upper Secondary School of Visual Arts. His artistic method of choice is digital. It is easier than cranes. Over the years, he has received some of his art materials from the NGO Hope. Now it’s his time to give something back. This is his first exhibition.

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Each painting of the Zero Exclusion project is for sale. All the proceeds will go for the NGO Hope, and their fight against social exclusion of children and youth. You can make an offer for the painting using the form below. Minimum price for a painting is 1000 euros. You will get all the information about the payment and shipment via email.

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